Walls, Floors and Ceilings

Walls, floors and ceilings need to adhere to strict Food Standard Agency (FSA) regulations in order to remove any chance of injury, bacterial build up, dirt traps or contamination.

The FSA state that walls and floors need to be impervious (doesn’t allow fluid to pass through), non-absorbent, washable, non-toxic and have suitable drainage where appropriate. Both need to be in a sound condition with the ability to be disinfected when needed.

Ceilings and overhead fixtures must be constructed and finished in a way that prevents dirt from building up and reduces condensation, the growth of undesirable mould and the shedding of particles. To ensure that these requirements are met, we use trade renowned Polysafe and Altro for our safety flooring – providing non-slip, impervious flooring designed around your needs. Their ability to offer up-curved flooring edges removes the chance of dirt and dust settling in the corners of the room.

We use Hygienic Wall Systems that offer PVC/White Rock and stainless steel cladding – making easy cleaning of all walls and ceilings. All joints are either welded or connected using hygienic joists too – ensuring there are no bacteria traps.

Having durable yet hygienic walls, floors and ceilings in a commercial and industrial kitchen is paramount.

When it comes to Walls, Floors and Ceilings we offer:

  • High quality and durable products and solutions
  • First class installation and workmanship
  • After sales support and maintenance
  • And more…

why choose bfes?

Service is a key part of what we offer, with a target-driven-approach to managing all manner of service objectives, such as: 

  • ISO9001 Compliant
  • CHAS & Safe Contractor Approved
  • Target-driven-response management – avoid those deductions!
  • Work carried out by in-house team (no sub-contractors)
  • Gas Safety Certification
  • Asset Management & Reporting
  • Only use regularly calibrated test equipment
  • Ensure compliance with HSE legislation

Talk to a member of our professional and knowledgeable team about your requirements.

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