Kitchen Equipment Sales

In a commercial kitchen, your most prized asset is an experienced and versatile chef, closely followed by your commercial catering equipment.
With the right commercial kitchen sales, your catering can function at its best.

Shrinkage can be reduced, meaning joints of meat will serve more covers, reducing your food costs and improving efficiency. Energy bills will also decrease as technology advancements in commercial kitchen equipment continue to improve.

Chefs and KP’s will find it easier too, as many of the items we supply even offer self-cleaning modes, eradicating many time consuming day-to-day tasks. If you are considering any kitchen equipment sales please contact BFES today!

Commercial Equipment Manufacturers

BFES can supply professional and reliable commercial catering equipment for your restaurant, bar, café or catering establishment. In collaboration with you, from a wide variety of commercial catering equipment manufacturers. No matter your budget, or particular requirements, we can provide the equipment to suit your needs perfectly. If it’s not available on our site, don’t worry – we’re still able to source, supply and install your preferred option.

Recently Completed Projects

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The accreditations that we have acquired demonstrate our safe, stable and ethical business values. All our clients can trust us knowing that we are knowledgeable in our field. Our work is carried out safely and the quality is maintained to the highest standards.