Gas Interlocking Systems

At BFES, we are trained to keep you safe. The objective of all gas interlocking systems is to ensure safe working conditions in kitchens. The cooking process within a commercial kitchen generates many harmful bi-products, all of which are required to be kept within safe limits, by operation of the ventilation system. If a mechanical system fails or isn’t working correctly, the environment may become unsafe or unfit for work. It’s important to make sure all natural and mechanical ventilation systems are working effectively.

Commercial kitchens should have an appropriate interlocking system between the mechanical ventilation system and the operation of gas appliances – failure of the system causes the gas supply to shut down.

Where there is no interlocking of the ventilation system and gas supply, BFES can help. We’ll assess whether a risk is likely to arise and, if so, make sure it is prevented or controlled appropriately. There are large numbers of Gas Interlocking Systems that do not comply with BS 6173 or the law.

Gas Interlocking Systems (G.I.S) are becoming a staple in commercial & industrial kitchens all over the country.

When it comes to gas interlocking, we offer:

  • On-demand Interlock Systems
  • Bespoke Panel Design
  • Gas Pressure Proving Systems
  • CO & CO2 Monitoring
  • Installation, Servicing and Repairs of all Gas Interlock Systems
  • And more…

why choose bfes?

Service is a key part of what we offer, with a target-driven-approach to managing all manner of service objectives, such as: 

  • ISO9001 Compliant
  • CHAS & Safe Contractor Approved
  • Target-driven-response management – avoid those deductions!
  • Work carried out by in-house team (no sub-contractors)
  • Gas Safety Certification
  • Asset Management & Reporting
  • Only use regularly calibrated test equipment
  • Ensure compliance with HSE legislation

Talk to a member of our professional and knowledgeable team about your requirements.

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