Design & installation

At BFES, we take pride in providing high-quality design and installation, maintenance, and aftercare for every customer.

The complete BFES package – from start to finish.

When it comes to design & installation, we take all the detail into account. Starting at the concept design, right through to installation and post-installation maintenance. We even offer project management and one-off installation services. Our employees also have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all these areas. Lets face it with BFES you’re in very good hands.

The most important thing for us at BFES is to make sure every project we undertake is a complete success. We’re strong believers in clear communication between the design team, the installation team and you, the client.

Commercial Equipment Manufacturers

BFES can supply professional and reliable commercial catering equipment for your restaurant, bar, café or catering establishment. In collaboration with you, from a wide variety of commercial catering equipment manufacturers. No matter your budget, or particular requirements, we can provide the equipment to suit your needs perfectly. If it’s not available on our site, don’t worry – we’re still able to source, supply and install your preferred option.

Recently Completed Projects

our accreditations

The accreditations that we have acquired demonstrate our safe, stable and ethical business values. All our clients can trust us knowing that we are knowledgeable in our field. Our work is carried out safely and the quality is maintained to the highest standards.