Managing your health and safety risk with support from BFES

health and safety

Health and safety are always at the forefront of our minds with every job we complete. In working commercial kitchens, hazards are present all around. Undertaking risk assessments and making sure you have the right safety equipment in place, can save lives and avoid nasty incidents.

Your legal obligations as a business

Just recently, Pret A Manger found itself in the public spotlight for overlooking basic safety measures and endangering a member of staff. An employee became trapped in a walk-in freezer with no means of raising the alarm. Fortunately, a colleague found the trapped worker who was then treated for hypothermia. The outcome of this situation? A traumatised victim and an £800,000 compensation award for overlooking basic safety measures.

Expert Advice when you need it

At BFES, we never compromise on safety. Our skilled and knowledgeable engineers undertake site visits and can guide you on the best and most suitable safety equipment for your needs. They can also alert you to potential safety hazards and offer practical solutions.

Supplying innovative protection equipment

BFES supply a full range of high-quality and reliable safety systems from leading manufacturers. Our engineers will routinely install, service and maintain this equipment as per your business needs.

Product Showcase – ColdWatch Trapped Personnel Alarm

An individual being accidentally locked in a refrigerated environment represents a serious hazard that could be fatal. This can simply be resolved by installing a trapped personnel alarm kit.

The ColdWatch trapped personal alarm can be installed in low temperature cold rooms, alerting others if they become trapped inside.

Key features –

  • Control unit equipped with a flashing light and siren
  • Backup battery in case of a blackout
  • Emergency push-button inside the cold room

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