Diversification, making the most of it

food service customers

During these adverse times with the covid-19 virus now prevalent, some food service customers are venturing out on a new path, for example turning their restaurant into a home delivery service for their customers favourite dishes.

As an approved Rational distributor with fully trained engineers, BFES are ready to support our clients as they evolve into new market strategies. We have a range of high quality kitchen equipment to support with this.
With the SelfCookingCenter combi-steamer, chefs can grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch or poach. It provides the help any kitchen team would wish for; it cooks quickly, is easy to use, provides the specified food quality, whilst saving money, time and energy. The unit enables chefs to quickly react to any changes, for example, regarding the dishes on offer, without having to change their kitchen equipment.

Changing to a delivery service means different working hours. People who are now at home are not dependant on certain times of the day. Restaurants should adapt to this and be able to deliver fresh food even at 11 o’clock at night.

“Using the SelfCookingCenter you are able to conveniently pre-produce and finish preparing the required amount of food as needed ready for delivery.”

Dishes are arranged on a plate or a take-away box and brought to serving temperature in the SelfCookingCenter.
The process is easy, as pre-production shows. The unit offers intelligent solutions: the SelfCookingCenter features cooking processes which run overnight, such as for large roasts or braised dishes. The chef loads the meat into the unit in the evening to find a perfectly tender roast the next morning, it’s then chilled and finished to order.
With Efficient Care Control, the combi-steamer will automatically clean and descale itself and also do this unsupervised overnight and will always keep the unit hygienically clean and perfectly maintained.
“These processes save time and manpower”.

An important competitive advantage, especially when more and more people are absent from work due to sickness and additional cover is needed fast. Just because the restaurant’s door has to remain closed, doesn’t mean the kitchen door does.